• Fresh farm reared meat in East Sussex

Pigs & Pork

Our Free range British Lop pork  is available throughout the year.

Our home reared pigs go to the abattoir on a Monday and we deliver Pork Thursday-Sunday. Orders taken before Monday will be delivered the same week.

The diagram below can help you to select the meat you need. If you are looking for a particular joint or cut of meat just email and ask

Image result for pork butcher diagram free



Enq’s email:  tom@oakfield-farm.co.uk


Fresh Pork Prices

Enjoy your pork straight from the farm

Whole pig (40kg meat) boned, jointed and packed £225

1/2 pig boned jointed and packed £175

1/4 pig boned, jointed and packed £80

Sausages £9.75/kg

We can also supply smaller packs of meat, dry cured bacon and ham