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Hog Roast

Oakfield-Farm Hog Roast . . DIY or Complete wedding and party planning service.

Pigs & Pork

Oakfield-Farm Pedigree British Lop Sows and Boar supplying fresh meat and home made sausages.

Poultry & Ducks

Oakfield-Farm Ducks

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Time To Pull Your Pork

The days are drawing in and the constant stream of weddings have slowed to a trickle we are going full ‘bore’ excuse the pun making pulled pork. Great party food so many different flavours and spices to excite the taste buds – If you want to give it a try – give us a call […]

Why Pigs are such a waste of time !

Because you can happily spend all day watching them. Some 3 months 3 weeks & 3 days after ‘Gaffer’ (Mr Pig) paid a visit we have lots of bright pink young things running around & getting into mischief.

Frog Invasion – No not that one!

Edible variety! The herons cant keep up and struggle to take off such is the explosion of marsh frogs on the surrounding ponds. Introduced to kent 1935 ( they escaped) ‘It’s like the everglades here’ http://bbc.in/2cTeTku We’ll see how big they get but I think Turkey will still be on the menu come December

Bees off strike !

For years I thought the bees were using the hive as a hotel and storing their honey elsewhere but to my surprise we got our first crop of honey 22lb in all. Great fun getting the honey out the frames & everything else & only got stung a few times 🙂