Oakfield Farm East Sussex

Hog Roast

Oakfield-Farm Hog Roast. We supply our own pork for DIY, parties and weddings. A complete service including wedding rescue - when plans go pear shaped

Pigs & Pork

Oakfield-Farm Pedigree British Lop Sows and Boar supplying fresh meat and home made sausages.

Poultry & Ducks

Oakfield-Farm Ducks

From the blog

Time for a new fence?

Check out our new fencing website at www.oakfieldfencing.co.uk . Special offers on all post and rail systems from Half Round , Rustic, Cleft Chestnut to Creosoted Sawn post & rail.

Ducks ( White ) For Sale

A commercial hybrid duck X between Aylesbury & Pekin produces a large white duck. They don’t fly and they can’t outrun foxes. Now 7 weeks old and ready to go to

We blinked and missed Spring

Loving the warm weather as it makes clearing up from a Hog Roast late in the evening pleasurable almost felt like Spain on Saturday! Lots of ducklings available and will soon have Keets, young Guinea Fowl (Gleanies to my fellow West Country friends) for sale.

Please let it be Spring

The weather has kept us on our toes. Just when we think it is getting warmer another cold blast from the East sends us rushing indoors for coats. The orchard doesn’t know whether to wake up or simply stay still for a little longer. Good news people are still booking their hog roasts for the […]