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Hog Roast

Oakfield-Farm Hog Roast . . DIY or Complete wedding and party planning service.

Pigs & Pork

Oakfield-Farm Pedigree British Lop Sows and Boar supplying fresh meat and home made sausages.

Poultry & Ducks

Oakfield-Farm Ducks

From the blog

Frog Invasion – No not that one!

Edible variety! The herons cant keep up and struggle to take off such is the explosion of marsh frogs on the surrounding ponds. Introduced to kent 1935 ( they escaped) ‘It’s like the everglades here’ http://bbc.in/2cTeTku We’ll see how big they get but I think Turkey will still be on the menu come December

Bees off strike !

For years I thought the bees were using the hive as a hotel and storing their honey elsewhere but to my surprise we got our first crop of honey 22lb in all. Great fun getting the honey out the frames & everything else & only got stung a few times 🙂

We are not Oakfield farms Ltd

Well our identity has been stolen…and we are definitely not Oakfield Farms Ltd based in Oxford (we think). A funny feeling to think that your name and business can be compromised by a complete stranger. Fraud squad have all their details

Busy as Bees

We are meeting lots of brides, grooms and anxious fathers. Weather has been kind and even on damp days the sun has managed to shine. Trying to get lots of work done on the farm but there just is not enough hours in the day!!