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Hog Roast

Oakfield-Farm Hog Roast. We supply our own pork for DIY, parties and weddings. A complete service including wedding rescue - when plans go pear shaped

Pigs & Pork

Oakfield-Farm Pedigree British Lop Sows and Boar supplying fresh meat and home made sausages.

Poultry & Ducks

Oakfield-Farm Ducks

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DIY Hog Roast Training Days Out

Find out whats involved in preparing / cooking your own DIY Hog Roast. A quick guide introduction on what to expect what to do and how to do it > Spit roast / Tray Roast- For more information – give us a call

The Big Hatch – Pekin + Aylesbury Ducks

We are taking advance orders for week old Aylesbury / Pekin ducklings which are available for collection from March 31st March. Fertile eggs always available – for more information – give us a call .

Hog roast = keeping it simple

I think Spring is just around the corner, so if you are thinking of having that party a simple straightforward hog roast is just the answer 1 pig, bread rolls, homemade applesauce and sage and onion stuffing will easily serve 100 guests – no mess – no fuss just good food and the price £650

getting fed up with rain

Well, January has been and gone – the fields are wet and the ground is cold so looking forward to some warm spring weather. This is a good time to start thinking about that special party in the Summer ahead. Our DIY hog roast can be an exciting challenge for the keen Chef but we […]