• Oakfield Farm East Sussex

About us

We have now owned the farm for almost 20 years and in that time have managed to knock down and build (well almost) a house, repair barns and develop our business. As with all farm related activities there is always another job around the corner and this year we plan to rebuild walls around the yard and give the place a good tidy – not easy when we have had such a wet and windy winter.  As we have become more civilised we are meeting more of our clients on site and we hope this will continue. The small farm is in the village of Chalvington, close to the Southdowns National Park. We can be found between the A27 and A22  

About us

At Oakfield Farm we offer a small, friendly service that can cater for the needs of our customers from the informal to the formal event. Always willing to offer advice and support, we like the challenge of planning something a little different.

Our interest in food is a little more than just weddings and parties and Kathy also spend time working with children in schools and lecturing on topics related to food and nutrition.

email Kathy@oakfield-farm.co.uk

What we do best

Pork and Hog Roasts –  With our pedigree British Lop Sows and Boar we can regularly supply fresh meat and home made sausages. In addition we are able to provide pork for Hog roasting. We enjoy a challenge and can cater for the smallest or largest of parties.

Other roast: we are equally as happy roasting lamb, hogget, beef, chicken or venison

Poultry and Ducks – We regularly hatch out Pekin ducklings, Call ducks, and chickens, including Pekin Bantams.  Ducklings and chicks are normally available from early summer. Availability will vary during the year.