Oakfield Farm East Sussex

Hog Roast

Oakfield-Farm Hog Roast. We supply our own pork for DIY, parties and weddings. A complete service including wedding rescue - when plans go pear shaped

Pigs & Pork

Oakfield-Farm Pedigree British Lop Sows and Boar supplying fresh meat and home made sausages.

Poultry & Ducks

Oakfield-Farm Ducks

From the blog

Its all about the Kefir…

We’ve been experimenting with Kefir for about 4 months now and I can’t imagine not having a ‘ go to supply in the fridge’ Its so versatile. Not only can you drink it and mix no end of ingredients with it mint / ginger and so on .It is fantastic for making ‘ flat breads’!! […]

Boer Goats

Waiting for our pedigree Boer meat goats to arrive and join our other grasscutters on the farm. The Texel & Romney sheep. The Geese & Ducks have the run of the orchard. Did you know that 4 Geese = 1 Sheep in what they can munch through. We dont claim to be organic but we […]

Ask About Our Lamb / Hogget Roasts !

We do more than just Hog Roasts!!!! If you’ve not heard the term before think of hogget as juvenile sheep. Not lamb / and not mutton. A hoggets age typically ranges between 11 to 24 months and weights range from 27 to 43kg ++. As nice as lamb is its nothing of that compared to […]

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