Ok so Christmas has been and gone

January 11, 2019 | Oakfield

We have not written very much lately but do not despair all is going well. The winter months see us busy preparing for the coming year and with the dark evenings, everything feels a bit of a rush. last year we met some more wonderful people and enjoyed their company – So thank you, everyone.

My New Years resolution is to regularly post some news.

Each Sunday we host food tastings for weddings and parties. it is so important when you are thinking of the food for your special day, that you taste what is being provided. Visitors to the farm get to see us in the flesh – which means one panicky grandson who is anxious that all the meringues are not consumed, several dogs on the lookout for a bit of fuss – now joined by a chocolate cocker spaniel puppy and the general comings and goings of a family home.

Nothing quite like a wedding to bring a smile and to give us the opportunity to try new menus and food