• Fresh poultry & ducks in East Sussex

Poultry & Ducks

With our flock of Pekin Ducks we regularly hatch ducklings although availability will vary throughout the year. We also supply  meat chicks and bantams.

If you want a larger quantity please contact us as an order over 10 will require to set additional eggs. Ducklings are available 28 days after being set.

Pekin Ducks

The breeding ducks have  a large pond and are free range all day. Many choose to stay near the yard with one or two even venturing indoors and are affectionately known as the ‘House Ducks’. The ducklings are hatched on the farm and  are reared in small flocks with access to outdoors and plenty of water. They are ready for the table 3 months later.

Suppliers of Duck House,   ‘Duck feed and  ‘Quack’  portable duck paddling pools


Guinea Fowl

Our  ‘rasp’ of mature Guinea Fowl  are looking very contented and their collective noun certainly describes the alarm calls they make. In my child hood we knew these as ‘Gleanies’ but I think this must be a Gloucestershire sort of thing!

We have adults available at £20 each and will be selling eggs and hatching chicks later.